Arctic Politics in the Emerging Multipolar System:
Challenges and Consequences 

Robert W Murray

The Polar Journal 2:1

(June 2012), 7-20.

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Selected Articles and Chapters

Intervention in the Emerging Multipolar System:
Why the R2P will Miss the Unipolar Moment

Robert W Murray and Aidan Hehir

Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 6:4

(2012), 387-406.

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Selected Book Chapters


Robert W Murray

The Bloomsbury Encyclopaedia of the American Enlightenment (2015)

From Middle Power to Peacebuilder:
the Use of the Canadian Forces in Modern
Canadian Foreign Policy

Robert W Murray and John McCoy

American Review of Canadian Studies 40:2

(2010), 171-188.

*Special Issue: Canada’s Commitment to Afghanistan

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The Triumph of Security over Humanity in the United Nations System 

Robert W Murray 

Human Rights, Human Security, and State Security; the Intersection, Volume 3

(Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2014), 91-118.

Middlepowermanship and Canadian
Grand Strategy in the 21st Century

Robert W Murray

Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and

International Relations 14:2

(Summer/Fall 2013), 89-100.

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Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

Mutual Constitution or Convenient National Interest? The Security Strategies of Canada and the US since 1991

Murray, Robert W. and Tom Keating.  

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 20:3 (2014), 247-258. (View article here.)

The Challenges of R2P Implementation

Robert W Murray

Routledge Handbook of the Responsibility to Protect (London: Routledge, 2012), 64-76.