Mutual Constitution or Convenient National Interest? The Security Strategies of Canada and the US since 1991

Murray, Robert W. and Tom Keating.  

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 20:3 (2014), 247-258. (View article here.)


Robert W Murray

The Bloomsbury Encyclopaedia of the American Enlightenment (2015)

From Middle Power to Peacebuilder:
the Use of the Canadian Forces in Modern
Canadian Foreign Policy

Robert W Murray and John McCoy

American Review of Canadian Studies 40:2

(2010), 171-188.

*Special Issue: Canada’s Commitment to Afghanistan

(View article here)

Toward an Understanding of Canada’s International Identity

Murray, Robert W. and Paul Gecelovsky
This article examines the construction of Canada’s postwar international identity and how that identity continues to influence Canadian foreign policy, especially with the United States. Furthermore, the article illustrates how changes in Canadian policy necessitated by the Trump Administration may impact Canada’s international identity in the future.  (View article here.)

Intervention in the Emerging Multipolar System:
Why the R2P will Miss the Unipolar Moment

Robert W Murray and Aidan Hehir

Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 6:4

(2012), 387-406.

(View article here)

Selected Book Chapters

Responsibility to Protect, Polarity and Society: R2P's Political Realities in the International Order

Robert W Murray and Tom Keating

Challenges for Humanitarian Intervention (2018)

Selected Articles and Chapters

The Triumph of Security over Humanity in the United Nations System 

Robert W Murray 

Human Rights, Human Security, and State Security; the Intersection, Volume 3

(Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2014), 91-118.

Jimmy Carter and the Sale of the AWACS to Iran in 1977

Murray, Robert W. and Stephen McGlinchey
It appeared that as 1977 dawned, the political climate in the United States might render multi-billion dollar arms sales into unstable regions a thing of the past. Jimmy Carter triumphed in the presidential election of November 1976 on a popular platform of arms control and the introduction of human rights considerations into American foreign policy.  (View article here.)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

Multilateralism in a Changing World Order
Robert W Murray 

Whither Multilateralism? The Growing Importance of Regional International Societies in an Emerging Multipolar Era (2018)

The Reluctant Realist: Jimmy Carter and Iran

Robert W Murray and Stephen McGlinchey

Realism in Practice: An Appraisal (2018)

Middlepowermanship and Canadian
Grand Strategy in the 21st Century

Robert W Murray

Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and

International Relations 14:2

(Summer/Fall 2013), 89-100.

(View article here)

Regional Order in the Arctic: Negotiated Exceptionalism

Murray, Robert W. and Heather Exner-Pirot
Traditional theories of International Relations have thus far failed to explain the unusual degree of cooperation seen in the Arctic between Russia on the one hand, and the seven Western Arctic states led by the United States on the other.  Rather than witnessing a devolution into competition and conflict over strategic shipping routes and hydrocarbon resources, regional Arctic institutions have continued to grow in strength and number in the past several years, and transnational ties have deepened. This has prompted some observers to describe the Arctic as ‘exceptional’ – somehow immune to or isolated from global political competition. (View article here.)

Arctic Politics in the Emerging Multipolar System:
Challenges and Consequences 

Robert W Murray

The Polar Journal 2:1

(June 2012), 7-20.

(View article here)

The Challenges of R2P Implementation

Robert W Murray

Routledge Handbook of the Responsibility to Protect (London: Routledge, 2012), 64-76.