Robert W. Murray, PhD

 As the Managing Director of Dentons Canada LLP's Government Affairs and Public Policy group. Bob offers a wealth of experience in business, research, public affairs, and issues and crisis management, allowing him to provide clients with the high-caliber service they need. He advises clients on strategic planning and development, public policy, risk analysis, governance, and government relations in Canada and internationally. 

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Research and Academia

As an internationally recognized expert in international relations and political science, Bob holds a series of prestigious fellowships and affiliations including an Adjunct Professorship of Political Science at the University of Alberta; a Senior Fellowship at the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies; a Research Fellowship at the University of Calgary’s Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies; and a Research Fellowship at the University of Alberta’s European Union Centre for Excellence. He is also a Contributing Editor at E-International Relations.

"Bob is one of the most active and insightful writers on international security today. His breadth of knowledge is remarkable and he has been a strong independent voice in a number of the most pressing issues in contemporary international politics. Bob never flinches from asking the difficult questions and challenging orthodoxy; he has consistently articulated prescriptions and critiques that stem from a pragmatic vision which rejects both fatalism and utopianism." - Dr. Aidan Hehir, Reader in International Relations, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster

"With one foot in the academic, and the other in the policy world, Dr. Murray brings fresh and critical perspectives to a wide rage of practical and theoretical issues of interest to diverse scholars. His penchant for concise and precise analysis, whether related to the Arctic or military intervention, the UN or the Ukraine, Realism or English School theory, informs as much as it excites. Regardless if one agrees or disagrees with Dr. Murray, his carefully articulated positions and reasoning invariably stimulate internal dialogue and debate, which is certainly one of the marks of a great scholar." - Dr. Matthew S. Weinert, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science & International Relations, University of Delaware

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Politics and Public Policy

Bob is a well-known policy analyst on various aspects of municipal, provincial, federal and international policy.  He has consulted nationally and internationally on policy and political issues, and has held senior policy roles where he has become known for work in governance, crisis management, and strategic development.​

"Dr. Murray is a dynamic communicator who has an unparalleled ability to analyze extremely complex problems and quickly formulate an effective strategy to address all related issues. He is tough but compassionate and is blessed with a seemingly unlimited amount of creative energy. Dr. Murray has been one of the critical architects in assisting us to develop a set of strategies that has allowed our Board to move from one of the most difficult times in its financial and political history to one of the highest performing school boards in Ontario." - Paul Picard, Director of Education, Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

“Dr. Bob Murray is a valued friend and colleague.  His thoughtful analysis and sound policy advice has benefitted me tremendously.” - Lisa MacLeod, MPP Nepean-Carleton

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Bob is a highly sought after political expert and public intellectual in leading national and international media, including international standards like the Wall Street Journal. In his regular appearances on Global, CBC, Corus and CTV broadcasts, including CTV’s hallmark political program Power Play, Bob has emerged as one of western Canada’s leading voices on various aspects of politics and policy.

“Dr. Bob is a political staple on Alberta TV…for good reason.  He makes politics interesting, even entertaining, with his no-nonsense style.”  - Stacey Brotzel, Co-Host, CTV Morning Live

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Scholar | Public Intellectual | Political and Policy Expert ​​




University of Alberta, 2010

Political Science

Dissertation title: "Anarchy, Self-Interest and Rationality: Assessing the Impact of the International System on Modern English School Theory"


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Brock University, 2007

Political Science

Major paper title: "The Prospect of a Post-Realist Paradigm in International Relations Theory"


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BA (Hons)

Brock University


Honours paper title: "John Jay and the Founding of American Foreign Policy"


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