July 21, 2017

Bob is named Senior Fellow at the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (CCR2P).



On January 17, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne shuffled her cabinet. The shuffle comes in advance of the provincial election confirmed by Elections Ontario to take place on June 7, 2018...read more.

With the global economic collapse, the rise of the BRICS, the post-intervention chaos in Libya, the migration crisis in Europe, and the regional conflagration sparked by the conflict in Syria, the need to protect human rights has arguably never been greater. In light of the precipitous decline in global respect for human rights and the eruption or escalation of intra-state crises across the world, this book asks "what is the future of human rights protection?". Seeking to avoid both denial and fatalism, this book thus aims to:

  • examine the principles at the very foundation of the debate on human rights;
  • diagnose the causes of the decline of liberal internationalism so as to offer guiding lessons for future initiatives;
  • identify those practices and developments that can, and should, be preserved in the new era;
  • question the parameters of the contemporary debate and advance perspectives that aim to identify the contours of future ideas and practices that may offer a way forward.

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Bob Murray is the Managing Director of Dentons Canada LLP's Government Affairs and Public Policy group. Bob offers a wealth of experience in business, research, public affairs, and issues and crisis management, allowing him to provide clients with the high-caliber service they need.

He advises clients on strategic planning and development, public policy, risk analysis, governance, and government relations in Canada and internationally...read more


This article, co-authored with Steve McGlinchey, looks at Jimmy Carter's sale of AWACS to Iran in the '70s through an IR theory lens...read the article.

Click here to listen to Bob's interview with J'lyn Nye on President Trump's comments to North Korea.

Jan 19, 2018

​​​Edmonton police, anti-violence organization receive $3.5M to target radicalization in Alberta.  

Bob serves as a board member for this non-profit organization...read the article



Click here to watch Bob's interview with Alberta Primetime about Trump and NATO.


​An article on Arctic regional order and security, co-authored with Heather Exner-Pirot, and published in a special issue of POLITIK...read the article.


Click here to read this Global News article that Bob is quoted in about Trump and the Russia Investigation.


New Book Published

Protecting Human Rights in the 21st Century

This book contributes to current debates on the protection of human rights in the twenty-first century.

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Jan 17, 2018

There are a number of opportunities to engage Bob as a Managing Director of Dentons' Government Affairs and Public Policy Group, including: 

  • Global strategic advice
  • Public policy advice and strategic political intelligence
  • Government relations and advocacy
  • Strategic counseling and planning
  • Issues management and communications
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
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  • Regulatory affairs

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